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Open Position for Corporate Trainer

Corporate Trainer

We’re seeking an experienced Corporate Trainer who can join our team full time to develop a comprehensive corporate training program, as well as serve as an asset to our Human Resources department.  You will work directly with our Head of Human Resources, as well as the leaders of our main departments, to develop playbooks, onboard new staff, conduct hiring interviews, train new employees, as well as a wide variety of special projects. You’ll be joining a fast-paced, professional, and entrepreneurial environment in a very nice office, where you’ll have the opportunity to grow with the company, work with a talented team, and help bring the Launch Angels brand to new universities across the country.  This is a salaried position with competitive benefits based in our Elm St., Manchester office.  Some travel will be required (approx. 1-3 days per month).  You will report directly to the Head of Human Resources at Launch Angels. Please feel free to read more about our Company at  To apply, please send your cover letter and resume to  
Basic Qualifications
  • Must be a college graduate
  • Minimum of 5 years of experience as a Corporate Trainer, Consultant, or similar position
  • Have a combination of exceptional teaching skills, personality, intelligence, and computer/technology savvy
  • Are willing to proactively solve problems, pitch in, and adapt with a growing startup environment
  • Excellent work ethic, with an ability to work both hard and smart
  • High energy, self-starter, but a great team player
  • Commitment to meeting deadlines
  • Willingness to take on and solve complex problems
  • A high level of poise and professionalism
  • Be able to command a room and grab the attention of individuals ranging from executives to support staff
  • Exceptional interpersonal skills matched with an optimistic outlook
  • Ability to juggle and multi-task across one-offs and larger, long-term projects
  • Be analytical and not only solve problems without much guidance, but anticipate and fix issues
  • Have experience conducting interviews
  • Comfortable operating with a high level of confidentiality and candor
  • Ability to learn new systems and equipment, then quickly and effectively teach on that newly gained knowledge
  Bonus points if you…
  • Are entrepreneurial
  • Can speak the venture/ private equity lingo
  • Are comfortable with or have experience with CRM software/ Hubspot
  • Familiarity with benefits enrollment
  Responsibilities 1. Corporate Training
  • Work with our department heads to develop and manage our playbooks and training program
  • Learn and master each playbook, as well as our internal Hubspot environment
  • Train all new hires on the appropriate materials to execute their jobs at the highest level
  • Travel to our regional offices to train new hires, as well as continually update our staff on new software, best practices, and overall updates
  • Work with the Head of HR to develop and manage a comprehensive training policy for all employees utilizing yourself and complementary outside sources
2. Human Resources
  • Manage and update the corporate handbook, manuals, company directory, corporate memos, and other employee-centric documents
  • Work with HR, IT, and Finance to develop an effective onboarding process, including enrollment in benefits, setting up equipment and work space, and welcoming new employees to the team
  • Conduct first round interviews for all hires, including our Managing Partner and Vice President positions
3. Assist with special projects, as well as a variety of tasks to help leverage HR 4. Be an active participant in the improvement process as it relates to our approach, process, products, and services. Send your cover letter and resume to