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Fellows Position Description

We strongly support the professional development of undergrads and grads in entrepreneurial endeavors and offer a unique opportunity to rising stars looking to get a foot in the door of the venture capital industry. We have several part-time fellowships available for Notre Dame students/grads on projects ranging from research to alumni outreach. The benefits to you are enormous, while the demands are reasonable and somewhat flexible. Benefits include putting VC on your resume and getting leverageable experience in an extremely selective industry, building a professional network of high-value contacts, plus mentoring from and interacting with veteran VCs/investors/entrepreneurs. For those who stay with us longer than a year, you also have the opportunity to join the fund team comp agreement. What we ask of you is a commitment of 5-10 hours of work a week, 100% remote and on your own schedule. You will be given thorough training, clear deliverables, and mutually agreed-upon deadlines. We are flexible and can accommodate you if you need to take a month off here and there. You will report to and work closely with our CMO. You’ll be joining a rapidly growing, entrepreneurial environment that is highly selective, supportive, and performing. Please note that every school where our sister funds have launched this fellowship program, we have seen much greater demand than we have openings. For those who are accepted, it can be a career launcher—as Ryan testifies below.


Our ideal candidates will have many of these skills and traits.
  • A student or alumni of the school
  • Strong research and analytical skills
  • Excellent work ethic and professional demeanor
  • Interest in entrepreneurism, venture capital, and emerging companies
  • Excellent time and project manager, able to set and meet deadlines while delivering quality work
  • Clear and concise communicator, excellent listener, responsive to requests/communications
  • Highly organized and detail-oriented, balanced by ability to get big picture
  • Leader, self-starter and independent manager, but good team player
  • Smart, creative thinker and problem-solver, fast learner
  • Entrepreneurial or startup team experience a plus
  • Database management and strong technical and social media experience a plus


“The Yard Ventures Fellow Program played an important role in my career transition to venture capital. It is a very unique opportunity to gain relevant experience, demonstrate interest, and build a network in the VC industry. The flexible hours and work schedule make it possible to be a part of the program even with a strenuous full-time job. Further, CMO Luke Antal and Managing Partner Michael Madden are amazing mentors. Their expertise and resources, in combination with their willingness to help, plays a large part in the invaluableness of the program.” —Ryan Isono, Harvard College ’15, Yard Ventures Fellow

NOTE: On the basis of his credentials and strong references from Luke and Michael, Ryan secured a job as a Venture Analyst at a NYC-based VC firm.  
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